Thursday, September 17, 2009

Green Washing in Thomasville and South Georgia

Today as many builders rush to position themselves to participate in the green building wave it is important that homebuyers be aware of the “green washing” phenomenon currently present in the industry. Green washing is simply the tendency for builders or manufactures to apply the green label to their products with little to back it up. Today many builders seeking an edge in a slowing market are eager to adopt any practice they perceive may provide them an advantage in the marketplace. For home buyers this means that builders who haven’t changed their building practices in years are suddenly claiming that they have revolutionized their “best practices” overnight to adopt green building principles. Unfortunately the education and paradigm shift required to become a green builder is not an overnight phenomenon. The tendency for builders to claim to be green is likely to continue as the rush toward green continues to be one of the hottest trends in the industry.

As a homebuyer it is important to be aware of what green building is and isn’t and to know just what makes that new home you are considering green. Green building practices are more than just installing a few compact florescent light bulbs and calling a home green. Green building involves a spectrum of practices, not just product selections.

Below are a few helpful hints to consider when evaluating green builders and practices:

1.Documentation beats conversation – Ask your builder for documentation regarding the green building programs or standards they use when constructing homes. Does the builder follow a green building program that has defined standards and practices that are inspected and certified? CHB Custom Green Homes incorporates green building programs that adopt Energy Star standards and other nationally accepted green building practices through the Earth Craft or Energy Star House program.

2.Show me the money – Many established green building programs produce homes with documentable energy savings. Your builder should be aware of these and able to educate you in this area. Much of this information centers around the heating and cooling systems installed in your home as well as air sealing and tight building envelope practices. CHB Custom Green homes are inspected several times during the building process by certified green building experts to ensure that the standards of high performance, energy efficient homes are being met.

3.What am I getting for my money? – If it’s a green product it should be different than the home down the street built 2-3 years ago. Energy star appliances and high performance windows and doors should be standard. The trades and experts constructing your home should be trained and proficient in green building practices and high performance home standards. CHB Custom Green Homes employees in charge of building your home have all been trained and certified in green building practices. CHB Custom Green Homes employees directing green building practices regularly attend continuing education opportunities to stay current on the latest green technologies and practices. The trades performing work on CHB Custom Green homes are required to follow detailed scopes of work ensuring that your homes are built incorporating green practices in all phases of construction.

4.We will not forget some of the realtors in Thomasville Georgia That are also "Green Washing" and have no clue of what green building is!

For more information about how CHB Custom Green Homes delivers certified high performance green homes contact use.

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