Thursday, December 16, 2010

New Lead-Paint Renovation and Repair Rule Effective April 22, 2010

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A new rule will go into effect this month requiring renovation and repair contractors to be EPA-certified to work with lead paint hazards if they will work on a residential property built before 1978 in which lead-based paint may be disturbed. HUD estimates that this could be as many as 35 million properties. The rule also applies to places where children under 6 spend large amounts of time, such as child care centers and schools. The certified contractor must provide the occupants (owner or tenant) with a new information booklet and must follow lead safe work practices.

There are several important exemptions to this rule:
1. Homeowner occupants or tenant occupants may do the work themselves without certification.
*Due to the potential hazards, EcoBrokers would recommend that these individuals be provided with the booklet mentioned below to avoid exposing the occupant families to lead hazard.
2. A residence where there are no children under 6 and no pregnant women as regular residents is a possible exemption.
3. If the area disturbed is less than 6 square feet indoors or 20 square feet outdoors, the project is exempt. Because lead paint was so prevalent on window frames in pre-1978 houses, window replacement on these homes is never exempt.
4. If a qualified lead test specialist certifies that no lead paint will be disturbed, the project is exempt.
5. There are a few additional less likely exemptions.

Courtesy of Ecobroker