Thursday, October 6, 2011

Standing Tall: A Modern Seattle Remodel

Through my weekly readings I ran into this article and it sounds like other parts of the country professionals are having the same issues this hillbilly town has. The specs low quality, cookie cuter and mammoth type of homes going up in neighborhoods where quality construction homes coexist. This is my opinion and my right to free speech for those that want to talk about my opinionated views. 

By Robyn Griggs Lawrence
September/October 2006
Seattle’s historic Magnolia neighborhood sprawls across a peninsula just south of the Ballard Locks, offering sweeping views of the Cascade Mountains and the busy shipping canal connecting Lake Union to Puget Sound. Architect David Vandervort has lived atop a hill in this community for 22 years, and he’s watched with some trepidation as massive homes have gone up on lots where much smaller houses once stood, shifting the neighborhood’s character and scale. So when the generic post-war house next door went on the market, Vandervort saw an opportunity. He could showcase his firm’s commitment to solid, sustainable design and help preserve his neighborhood’s character and integrity.

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